Unable to boot Manjaro using live-usb

This is my first post here :slight_smile:

I am determined to install Manjaro (i3 edition) on my new desktop PC. It has no chipset, but an AMD ryzen 5 3600 and a RTX 2060 Super from Nvidia.
I also own a portable computer which does have a chipset.

I can successfully boot Manjaro on my portable computer but unfortunately, I can't get to boot it completely on my desktop computer.

I am selecting the french keyboard disposition, the french language (fr-fr) and the non-free drivers.
After hitting the "boot" button, after a bit of loading, I am getting stuck on the "Started TLP system startup/shutdown" message.
This is really annoying and I have been trying to fix it for the whole week now. I tried a lot of solutions involving to change the kernel parameters at boot time, but this didn't change anything.
I disabled CSM and secure boot in the BIOS, and Fast Boot directly from Windows since I cannot find the option directly in my BIOS. I also checked the SHA of the downloaded image.
I am not wanting to use architect, I would like to use the normal way.

I think that this is maybe related to my graphic card, but why is Manjaro not supported on RTX cards?

I thank you all in advance for your help, I really need it! :grinning:

try booting from free driver

it doesn't help!

Have you already tried installing and booting without the RTX 2060 and then installing the HW and then booting again and installing the driver manually? (if your CPU has an on-board GPU)

I just said on my first post that my CPU didn't have on-board GPU ! (No chipset)

Thanks anyway :-/

Ah! That's what you meant with "no chipset". My apologies...

You always have the option to use Manjaro Architect installer. Its a command line installer so it doesn't need bootable graphics to work. Here is the link, some of the items in the tutorial are not as up to date as the installer. It is a good guide to follow to get manjaro installed and running.

Is there any way I can use the graphical installer anyway?
Like why isn't it possible to boot Manjaro when having an RTX card?

No problem :slight_smile:

The live usb is installs the version that is on it. I can boot the 18.1.5 live usb on my system. I cannot boot any lower version of the pre packaged iso for install.

The advantage of manjaro architect it installs the latest packages and kernel. The rtx cards should be compatible with manjaro and the nvidia-440.44 driver. However the current live usb may not have the support built in for that card yet. The live usb’s are not updated with the incremental updates. They update those for the bigger releases. That why the architect iso is you best bet. It allows you to fine tune your system and is the only way I will install manajro. Sure it takes a bit more time but it’s a far better way imo.

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Okay. I just installed Manjaro using Architect.

I now have a problem: Windows and memtest are listed in grub, but not Manjaro. What should I do?

I don’t dual boot and never have on a windows machine. I know there are a ton of articles on using grub and recognizing manjaro in a dual boot situation. Sorry I can’t be of more help there, a simple search should help you find the answer to that.

Yeah I totally agree with you but in fact, everything I can find is how to recognize Windows; recognizing Manjaro is never mentioned...
Anyway, thanks for the help!
I am closing this thread and I will open a new one if I cannot get to find what I need by doing more research.

At this grub, go to grub prompt (grub> ) by pressing 'c'.
Tell us what is output of

grub> ls

Tell what is manjaro disk/partition - (hdx,y) {tell us what is x and what is y}
What is window partition (hdz,k)
then output of

grub > ls (hdx,y)
grub> ls (hdz,k) 
grub> ls (hdx,y)/boot/
grub> echo $grub_platform
grub> echo $lang
grub>  search.file /etc/manjaro-release

Thank you very much for your reply!
Two minutes ago, just before seeing you answer, I managed to solve what is I think a bug coming from Architect:
I chrooted to Manjaro from my live USB key and then installed a newer kernel which did install vmlinuz and initramfs in the /boot partition (none of these files were present before).
Then, the grub was updated and I can finally find Manjaro in the Grub!

Now I can boot Manjaro but I am stuck on a black screen with my cursor... What a pleasure :slight_smile:

Then add a '3' to kernel parameter at the Linux line and boot into prompt. Fix your graphics there. If you need help on it, start a new topic so others can see it and help you. I'm not a graphics guy, so good luck.

Okay thank you!


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