Unable to cd to drive after changing docker installation path.

So I changed the installation directory for new image files of docker to a partition


following stackoverflow's guide.
I could access the partition after but on restart ...using cd /run/media/marvin/DriveEtCetera would not work as I get permission denied.

I can,however,access it through dolphin which now shows the mount path as /run/media/marvin/DriveEtCetera1.
There are now two folders in my user mount point directory: DriveEtCetera and DriveEtCetera1

I have tried:
sudo usermod -a -G root marvin
I have also uninstalled docker and removed the configuration file I had created leading it to that partition.
I still can't access the drive through the terminal.

Please don't use /run/media/ in any config. These paths and folders are not stable. They can change at any time. /run/media/USERNAME is used for temporary mounting devices form the user space. For example thru a file browser.

Use an entry in fstab or create a systemd mount service. A good mount point is usualty in /mnt or /media


If you enabled the docker service ( autostart ) you might want to add the systemd mount service to the docker systemd service file . Since the mount would be requierd to start docker. Usually a mount is done before the normal services starts but better safe than sorry.


Took a while,but got it working

systemd-mount -A /dev/sda5 /run/media/marvin/DriveEtCetera

restarted the machine just to be sure and now I can do an ls in /run/media/marvin/ directory with my user account unlike before :blush:

Following advice..I'll do some reading on how to extend my home directory.Docker files can get pretty large

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