Unable to create kwin rules via Special Window Settings dialog

For pretty much all the apps I use I have a kwin rule that sets starting virtual desktop and starting window position.

I set these using the Special Window Settings dialog via the window title bar menu.


This then opens Window Specific Settings dialog window with things like window class and window type prefilled. Clicking okay then creates a kwin rule, which I can modify if need be from System Settings -> Window Managment -> Window Rules.

This is not working for 5.14.1, no window rule is being created for any app I try and create one with. I haven't created one for a while, the apps I use is pretty static, so not sure when this was introduced.

Only error being generated is this one, every time I open any System Settings window.

Oct 20 manjaro kwin_rules_dialog[11696]: "ForegroundLink" - conversion from "73,202,1610" to QColor failed  (bounds error: blue component > 255)

I've changed the color scheme to 4 or 5 very different color palettes, but it makes no difference. Not sure if this is an unrelated error or not, but it is the only info I get.

Can anyone else create Window Rules from this dialog, or is this issue peticular to my setup ... which is pretty vanilla by KDE standards.

In unstable, the window pops up and allows me to make selections.

When I press OK, kwin generates this error in the logs:

qt.qpa.xcb: QXcbConnection: XCB error: 3 (BadWindow), sequence: 18468, resource id: 85983255, major code: 18 (ChangeProperty), minor code: 0

No rule is created.

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OK here's what I've found so far.

Gtk apps:

gparted - I could force opening maximized through the Window specific rules with the following.

  • radio button must be on - yes
    maximized horizontality-force-
    maximized vertically-force-

pamac - no option menu when right clicking on title bar.
more actions menu is not present - no option to set special window settings present

gnome disks - same as pamac - no menu available

KDE apps

kcalc - special windows settings accepted with - position - force

kompare - special windows settings accepted with - size - force

So, it appears mixed with my system. KDE apps seem to be fully respecting the settings. GTK apps are working for some and not even on the menu for others.

I only tested with a limited number of apps, but that was my results.

I can confirm this. The only workaround is to create the New Rule from Settings > Window Management > Window Rules and make use of Detect Window Properties.

Always was strange to me to have both "Special Window Settings" and " Special Application Settings", somehow redundant and bot pointing to the same thing ... Maybe KDE team messed up something there while they where cleaning up stuff.

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As a side note to this issue, if I want to open an app mazized I thought you could use:



--window --maximize 

When I use this with pamac in the terminal it still wont open maximized. Whats up with that.

pamac-manager --window --maximize

Tried this as well:

pamac-manager --maximized_vert --maximized_horz

Pamac still opens without errors, but not maximized.

Replication means bug then. Thanks.

This is what I did, definitely a bug that for some reason the rule is not created when initiated through the specific window title bar menu item.

Issue is not the specific windows rules being adhered to, but that the rule is not created in the first place.

Window rules for Gtk apps like pamac and gparted work fine for me, but I'm using gtk3-classic.

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I was just letting you know the rules were created, and respected, when I made new ones.

So if you use the Special Window Settings menu item the resulting window rule is created?

Yes, except in the case of the gtk apps I mentioned. I only tested creating new rules with a couple of kde apps. In both cases new rules were created successfully, and respected when the program was opened.

Confirmed bug.



Is gtk3-classic recommended for plasma, more than normal gtk3?

I would recommend it.

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Fixed in 5.14.3.



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