Unable to Dual Boot Windows 10/Manjaro

First off, I originally had my desktop dual booted with Windows 10 Pro and Kubuntu, each were installed on separate 1tb Samsung evo SSDs. This worked great, except for the fact that I didn't really like kubuntu. The other day I tried to install Manjaro over my kubuntu installation and ran into some serious issues. I ended up wiping the disk (/dev/sdb) using blkdiscard command while in the live boot disk. After I did this, I was able to install manjaro onto the disk. The only issue was that I must have somehow deleted or modified the boot management system because I was unable to access grub and choose which operating system to boot into. I tried to fix the boot issue using a windows installation USB, recovery utility and the command prompt. None of this worked. At this point I was at my wits end, so i decided to through in the towel and reinstall windows and then install manjaro using a different partition configuration. I've tried this 3 different times with 3 different partition schemes. Nothing has worked. Today I thought I would try and return the disks to a factory state using hdparm. Sadly this also didn't work because both drives are frozen and hdparm will not format a frozen disk. I am at a loss as to what I should try next.

Below are screenshots of the partition schemes, update-grub results, fdisk -l output, and hdparm security output that applies to both disks.
Linux Disk Partitions:

Windows Disk Partitions:

fdisk and hdparm outputs:
fdisk_output sdb_security


As you can see the update-grub command does not find your Windows image, probably because it is on a distinct drive.

I am going to suggest you try os-prober to deal with the mess:

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Ah, I forgot to mention that I did run os-prober, then update-grub with no success. Is there some other way I should be running os-prober?

First use linux or windows (guess which I find easier?) make the setup you want:

Since this is EFI lets use GPT.
Drive 1:
-An ESP formatted fat32 worth 512M so. (could be much smaller.. look it up)
-Everything else you want for windows .. a big drive C, maybe others..
-[install windows to above drive, etc]
Drive 2:
[we will format at install so just leaving this open until then is OK .. heres what it should be]
-One big Root at /
-A swap partition.. maybe ~= RAM. If you are into that sorta thing.
-Select the first drives ESP and select it as your ESP. [Do Not Format]
-Do install grub to this ESP

That seems about right.

Oh but there is a similar but different but more exhaustive thing here:
[HowTo] Dual-boot Manjaro - Windows 10 - Step by Step


This worked! Thank you very much.

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