Unable to find German Keyboard Layout "T1"

Hi community,

Greetings! I have just migrated to Manjaro Deepin from Xubuntu and I am very happy with my decision. Everything seems to work fine, except my keyboard.

I have a German T1 keyboard which, for example, is supposed to produce the character @ when I press AltGr+Q. With all of the keyboard layouts accessible to me right now (which does not include German T1) via Manjaro Settings Manager > Keyboard Settings, I cannot produce the character @. Instead, I get the following character: « .

I have come across a CLI tool called keyboardctl which possibly allows me to add the keyboard layout I am looking for, but I do not know how to handle this tool or what inputs I should give to this tool.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you! :smile:

Correct me when I'm wrong, but the T1 layout looks just like the typical german one. I have the same layout as in the picture and for me, the setting "German - Default" works just fine.
I am able to write the @ letter.

@anon20832598 Yes, you are right. "German - Default" is the correct layout.

Anyway, I have discovered a very interesting bug. Whenever I plug my external optical mouse in or out, the keyboard layout resets to a previous (bad) choice. Also, the position of the icons in the dock (efficient mode) switch back to a previous setting. Because of this, I thought none of the keyboard layouts work.

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