Unable to install - "there are no partitions to install on"





Can you boot a Manjaro LiveUSB?
Does it make it to the Live Desktop?

What do you mean by live? I currently have the Manjaro iso on flash drive and can load from that. I have connected my wifi on Manjaro & did a bit of internet surfing on the native browser there

Yes, boot using the LiveUSB.

Then use Gparted to look at your disks.

Are you planning on Dual Booting or do you just want Manjaro?
If you just want manjaro and no dual boot, then just clean the entire drive with Gparted in the Live environment. Then reboot, and try and install again.

If you want to Dual boot with Windows... I'm afraid I'm at the end of my knowledge that I'm comfortable walking your through (Only just started using linux a few months ago myself).

Someone with more knowledge will have to guide you then.

That is exactly the LiveUSB / Installation media...

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Yes, I plan on dual booting. Gparted is only showing me the USB drive I have equipped in...

Yes, I know that now. Do you have any insight what my issue could be has far as my ssd not showing up?

I think this might be a Windows issue with how it handles suspend/hibernation.

One sec, let me look through my bookmarks/notes.

I'm also having forum issues so that's fun. :wink:

Alright, I'll be awaiting your response. Geez, more issues.. just what the world needed lol

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Here it is.

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I don't know if this is the reason for the error message, but to prepare a dual boot you have to unallocate some space for Manjaro. So first, you should shrink the Windows partition to have space for one, two or three Manjaro partitions. This is best done in Windows, I guess you have Windows 7?

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Ok cool, I'll follow this guide & see what it can do for me. I'll touch if works or not (Hopefully it does)

How many gbs would 2-3 Manjaro partitions need? I have wins 10. I'll give this a shot after trying the guide reference above. Thanks.

It's all in the guide, for the root usually 30 - 35 GiB should be fine, the more the better depending on what you plan for the future, swap depends if you intend to use hibernation, I have same size as memory (8 GiB) to be on safe side, if you don't need hibernation you could take less, and /home for whatever you don't need for Windows. I have also dual boot and assigned 64 GiB to Manjaro.

What is the bios value of the "SATA Controller Mode" option?
If the value is "RAID", try changing it to "AHCI"
Save the new values of your BIOS and restart.

Follow [best post](http://Disk partitioning) published by @Sinister .

Take your time, and review the disk partitioning option.

Manjaro can be installed with an additional 30GB of disk space.
Recommended, as @Wollie tells you
It is with a root partitions of 25-30 GB
An 8GB Swap partition (12GB for hibernation)
And everything you can for your home partition (space for data and user)

Surely Windows will leave a little more than half of the disk (if you do not have much data in Windows).

Thanks guys for all the helpful tips finally was able to completely installed Manjaro but when I reboot I now run into this problem... 20190908_210003

The problem is the swap.
Edit /etc/fstab and delete the line UUID=a7416889-....

necro bump - probably solved by now.

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