Unable to load vegan package in Rstudio

Hi! I'm new to manjaro. Currently I'm just surfing and setting up my tools.
When I try to install "vegan" package in Rstudio. It installs normally. But the package doesn't load. It shows-
Error in library(vegan) : there is no package called ‘vegan’
Other packages loads properly.
Any help? Thank you

Hi Fayek,

I installed vegan on Rstudio and can load it without a problem. Can you see the package "Vegan" in the list of packages? If so, can you load it manually by clicking the checkbox?

Else I would try to install the package once more.

Hi Viev,
vegan package doesn't show up on list of package. But when I try installing using install button on the package panel, it finds 'vegan' and 'vegan3d' packages. I tried to install from there. But the same result.
It installs but doesn't load.

Try installing it in the console or script with the following command install.packages("vegan") and run the selected line with 'control + enter'. After that it should show up in the list of packages. You can load it with library(vegan)

No it doesnt work. I tried that first. I usually install packages that way.
Should I try reinstalling Rstudio?

Before you reinstall Rstudio. How did you installed Rstudio, with AUR?

yeah, with AUR

Check if Rstudio is up to date with pamac upgrade -a. Furthermore you could try to delete the package map (~/R/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-library/4.0/vegan) and do a new install of the package.

the package map for vegan doesnt even exist in R path. I don't know why.
And everything is up to date. So I tried to reinstall Rstudio. Ah well, nothing was fixed.
I guess I have to work on Rstudio in Windows. Without vegan its difficult for my diversity analysis for adaboost.

Strange that the package doesn't install even with a reinstall of Rstudio. As last resort you can try the options of https://support.rstudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/200554786-Problem-Installing-Packages?mobile_site=true.

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Yeah I will try that.
Thanks for the help until now

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