Unable to maximize windows with multiple screens

No worries.
I prefer to use the Nvidia Server X Settings and set the layout to Absolute (each detail for each monitor) and save that information to the /etc/X11/mhwd.d/nvidia.conf
Then reboot and have the same layout to the Display Settings.
One aspect tho ... i always use the connector that is seen as primary by the BIOS to have my primary monitor connected ... then the layout can be as i want it.


I never tried to use the Nvidia Server X Settings...
Now it works... Sorry, should've tried that from the beginning :sweat:
Anyway, thank you all very much for helping me out!


That's the important part. Nothing else matters :slight_smile: The config trough the Nvidia Settings is something i wanted from the start, but because i really don't know how it plays with the Intel GPU i preferred to have that disabled from BIOS.
Cheers and welcome to Manjaro :wink:

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hey, i overlooked the obvious too. it happens. glad to hear it worked out.

on my optimus/prime setup nvidia settings work fine, im not sure bumblebee, and optimus-manager says not to use nvidia settings and use configs for any changes. thanks for the save

Just to be clear, the OP is not a dualGPU case, even if Intel exists, it is not used at all. It is a plain Nvidia. Using Nvidia Utility is a no-brainer (if there is a word like this..)

here in the US that term gets used all the time



That's... unexpected.

Oh and everytime I reboot my computer, I have to re-configure and re-apply everything from the Nvidia control panel or my problem comes back...

Form NXSS, while you select the last tab (nvidia-settings Configuration) press Save Curent Configuration in the default location it opens that window. It will be called .nvidia-settings-rc
After that open with a text editor the file .xinitrc and add at the end the line:
exec nvidia-settings --load-config-only
reboot to see if works.


Yep, that worked, thanks!
I'm going to look into nvidia-settings and mhwd, seems like I have loads of things to learn!

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