Unable to resize partition in either GParted or KDE partition manager

I have a new 250 GB HDD, and the following partitions on it.

/dev/sda1 used to be my Ubuntu 12.04.5 Installation. The partition has been cleared (No data was created on Ubuntu), and it is now 112.97 GiB unallocated space.

/dev/sda3 is my Manjaro installation, also 112.97 GiB.

/dev/sda2 is an extended partition, and in it is /dev/sda5.

After deleting /dev/sda1, I would like to expand the Manajro installation to claim the rest of the space. In KDE Part. manager, I'm unable to change the size of the partition, and in GParted, the resize button in the dialogue box is unclickable.

I've noticed in KDE Part. Manager, that if I leave the size and resize it, a pending operation is shown:

"Move partition '/dev/sda3' to the left by 1.00 KiB and shrink it from 112.97 GiB to 112.97 GiB"

After this is done (not applied), I am able to resize the partition, and a new unallocated space of 2 MiB is shown.

What do I do?

(sorry for the long post)

Are you trying to alter sda3 from your booted Manjaro?
If yes, that would be like sawing the branch you are sitting on. You should be able to resize that partition from another system or a LiveUSB.

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ok, thanks. Should I use a GParted ISO?

any ISO with partition tool is OK, if not you can install GParted or other in live system

you can't add space before a partition, only expand it use space after, so what you want involves two operations: move partition to left then expand it

move partition move all files, it will take some time

GPartEd says that It might move the boot sector, so I may not be able to boot. How do I resize the partition without changing the boot sector? The 113 GiB of unallocated space precedes my Manjaro installation.

I have also noticed that no boot flag has been set for any partition in my HDD, yet I am able to boot into Manjaro just fine. I ran sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda, and no partition has the boot flag.


That's why.

No boot flag is necessary in linux, unless partitioning is not done right and the bios is confused and looks for a boot flag.

But if had moved any OS partition to the left, you will destroy the first sector of that partition and your core.img (or core.efi) will be destroyed.

However, it is possible to restore it by not booting through the mbr (as it will try to get to the first sector of the OS partition) but by an external boot like this one.
A grub-install or a more precise 'grub-install --no-bootsector' will get back the core.img.

So, according to your reply, this could break my system. What do I do to grow the partition, hopefully without affecting the boot sector?


Another solution would be to create a new partition to fill that gap.

ok, thanks everyone!

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