Undoing dkms install

In order to get the touchpad on my Lenovo Ideapad 130 - 15IKB, I did dkms install as suggested here. Even after that, the touchpad was not working.

I, now, want to 'undo' the dkms install command. I read man dkms and think that the correct thing to do is to sudo dkms remove module-name. But being a newbie, I thought of asking here before trying it out.

Is that what I do to remove undo dkms install module-name command?

No, use pacman:
sudo pacman -Rs dkms

For future references use this wiki page

I guess I did not provide adequate information in the question. I do not want to remove dkms. I want to remove a module installed using dkms command. Please see the updated question.

Fair enough :slight_smile:


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