Unknown device warning from GRUB

Hi all,
I updated GRUB this morning (sudo update-grub) and got an error which goes like this:

/usr/bin/grub-probe: warning: unknown device type nvme0n1.

This "unknown device type" is my M.2 PCIe drive. I was just wondering why I get this message, because I otherwise don't have any trouble using this drive. /dev/nvme0n1 is the default boot device and has Manjaro GNOME installed on it. And just in case it matters, I have Windows 10 installed on another drive (/dev/sda).

You can safely ignore it.


I also get the warning, though I have a different device "mmcblk2". My mint install does not report this error (v2.02.) Manjaro's update-grub does,it is version v2.04. My system boots fine despite the error and I also find it safe to ignore the "warning".

Edit: Thanks, that worked here too.

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Thanks for the tip, it worked. I update GRUB after removing the memtest thing and voilĂ , the thing worked as you predicted. Thanks for letting me know it wasn't a big deal. I tend to be anal about error messages and start hunting down the possibilities until I find them, or someone like you points them out. Merci.

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Marked @moson's post as the solution to the OP's issue.

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Thanks for doing that, I didn't realise that's what I was supposed to do. I though editing the subject line and adding [SOLVED] was the way to go. I learned two new things today. :wink:

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No problem. Marking the solution using the check box under ... in the relevant post make it easier to see the solution already in the op.

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