Unkown filesystem after Windows 10 upgrade

Hello everyone! I have both Manjaro and Windows 10 installed on the same hard-drive. Last night I decided to update Windows, everything was going fine! After every reset, I was prompted on the GRUB menu, but I could easily continue the update by choosing Windows to boot up. After the second to last update, I found myself upon: ERROR: unknown filesystem. I searched for a solution on Youtube, and actually, I found one! After doing a set boot, set prefix, I returned to the GRUB interface; I could launch boot every OS without a problem. But, after turning off, or just a reset, the error persists. Yes, I searched on Youtube again, but this time I didn't find anything I could trust. I'm a completely newbie, and tweaking with system stuff is not my thing... Is there a way I can fix this?

This is probably the tutorial you needed. The simple config file method should work (steps 1-7) and then the uefi commands if this is a uefi system.

Be wary of YouTube tutorials, they don't age well and there's a lot of bad advice out there.


Aaaand it worked! Thanks a lot!

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