Unlock keyring (brave)


when i start brave browser i get this unlock keyring box which i have to cancel 3/4 times else enter the password. i dont't want this prompt to pop up every time i start brave browser.
any help is appreciated!

It should be the same procedure as any other 'chrom* browser ...
(search the forums)
But .. I think I remember actually that Brave broke the encrypted key function .. and you have to do some funky workaround. (again, search the forums)
..of course you could always use a less problematic browser .. :woman_shrugging:

[ if it is the same as chromium and not broken .. then you use seahorse to store and then make sure to select 'secret pass' or 'key' or similar entry in autostart for XFCE... oh I found one example Keyring for chromium is pointless? ]

Other 'fixes' included just storing the password in plain text and others .. but I dont suggest those for obvious reasons.

Can you recommend some less problematic browser as i can't get around with brave i tried seahorse but hayyy......

Are you by any chance using autologin?

Using autologin present an issue to many applications because the keyring is not unlocked when you login.

If you are using autologin - disable then relogin to your system.

You can pick any browser

  • palemoon-bin
  • firefox
  • midori

Take a pick - to have a overview of popular browsers - launch manjaro-hello and click Applications button.

Click advanced and expand the Browsers tree

Nope i am not using auto login.
Firefox loads slow (it takes some time to load compared to other like chromium,brave,opera,...) if there is any fix for it and if i can transfer my bookmarks and history then i will switch...

I don't know the Brave browser - but usually there is an option within bookmarks to export those.

Open brave://bookmarks -> Click the hamburger -> Expot bookmarks

For history you could try backing up ~/.config/BraveSoftware/Brave-Broswer/Default/History

Install e.g. Chromium and copy the History database to the same location in Chromium

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