Unlocking from Display Off => only by Keypress

It's probably a really stupid question but I am slightly frustrated by a little but in my Case important "problem".

I am used to Lock my Manjaro System by a Keyboard-Bound Shortcut calling xflock4 then my xsession gets locked and my monitors are able to detect the "missing"-signal and they switch into power saving mode. I really like that quite a lot.

BUT every time I (or some else) bump the table or even walk by the table my mouse detects a little movement and ==> the lockscreen of xsession appears. And then it switches back to power saving after a few seconds ......and so on and so forth........ you maybe can imagine how annoying that could get if your just move a ring binder and this happens quite often.

So to get to my actual question, is it possible to only wake up from -display off mode- to enter the lockscreen by keypress and disable the mouse while the display/session is locked and the monitors are off?


Locking is different from suspending, which is what you seem to need. Use a shortcut for Suspend to RAM, configure the session to be locked on suspension. If you don't suspend, any movement is heard and the display wakes up, since the system is not sleeping.

Please, don't ask how to create a shortcut for suspend... :slightly_frowning_face:

I am aware of that "possibility". BUT I also know that I must not Suspend to RAM. I need the computer running and doing what I "started", often it's calculating some stuff or running task which should not be suspended.
==> So therefore no need for a Shortcut to Suspend to RAM

I'm considering something like calling a little script when I hit my Shortcut disabling Monitors & locking to 1. "disable" the mouse (a Logitech G603) and then call xflock4

  • but the moment I am logged out the mouse would be back as "default" user of the login xsession screen wouldn't it? Am I right?

there is blacking/turn off and suspend/sleep..

I understand that the specific behavior you are looking for might only be accomplished with some smart udev rule(s), though I am no expert on those...
Else, you might find it easier to find a HW+attitude way of getting your preferred result... :man_shrugging: Maybe try and experiment.

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