Unofficial Lumina spin

Hello, greetings from Argentina. I've made a manjaro spin based on Lumina desktop. If you wanna try, this is the download link:

Have a nice day!
Best regards.


Hello @brunoerusso thanks for you Lumina spins, would you like to share the build profile you used?

You forgot to add on installation:

  1. fluxbox as it is needed for starting lumina-desktop.
  2. Manjaro-hello

Lumina cant boot for nvidia videos card , modules are not present

FLuxbox it's present. If Fluxbox wasn't added, it can't start. fluxbox

I'm building another ISO including video drivers (nouveau for Nvidia).

Hello @Lolix, of course. You can download the ISO profile from here:

It includes icons I've used and many other stuff.

Changes I've made since first ISO:

Added fakeroot for Octopi.
Added modified files to skel, in order to correct some issues with first login attempt.
Pcmanfm-qt as default file manager and lxqt-archiver, due to some limitations I've encountered in default lumina apps.

I planned to work on my own (as I am developing an Ubuntu Remix for Lumina) but when I heard news of this I was happy and excited! I will contribute as I can (Ubuntu Lumina is a lot of work). Happy to see this project, will test it out as soon as I possibly can!

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It was not installed when I tried it. Besides this, it worked.

Insight is really crippled. And Lumina is very limited too. Looks like this environment doesn't receive all the love it deserved.

I know a little about it, I maintained its git version on AUR back in 2018.

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ik ok with nouveau ( for desktop nvidia video card 970 series )

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Yes @fredb74, some apps from the DE are limited, and it's intended for *BSD, but it's a light environment and do the things. I have some troubles with insight, so I've added pcmanfm-qt. The same with Lumina archiver, I've added lxqt-archiver.

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@fredb74 I've installed on a laptop (an old Compaq Presario) and it works. There was a problem with the first login attempt, so, you need to login with fluxbox, or at least change to fluxbox in login menu and then come back to lumina, try to login after that (nothing in screen, you must reboot the system). This trouble was solved adding .dmrc file to skel. Now it's working ok.

When you are satisfied with your profile, you can contribute it to our iso-profiles repo so that it becomes available in manjaro-architect

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So it was the login trouble I found. And about applications, it is really in a bad shape :frowning:

Of course @Chrysostomus, once finished I'll submit the iso-profile.
Best regards.

@fredb74, about applications, for the moment, I'm only using a very small selection of apps, to make a minimal ISO.

Well, finally I think I'm finished with this. Here is the download link for both iso image and iso-profile config.

@Chrysostomus @Lolix , you can download and check the iso-profile from this link.

I'll appreciate your comments. In virtual machine and in bare metal, it's working ok for now.
Last changes I made:

Default Manjaro branding.
pcmanfm-qt as default file manager.
lxqt-archiver instead lumina-archiver.

Have a nice day! Manjaro Lumina Screenshot-2020-05-01-17-07-41


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