[unstable] manjaro-system holded in pacman.conf?


What about that which stucks graphic update (because holded manjaro-system couldn't be replaced by manjaro-system-ng..?)

See this....

You need to replace the contents of pacman.conf with the contents of pacman.conf.pacnew....
the pacnew file contains hooks to handle all future update...

This will replace manjaro-system feature...


Yep & 0_ops, i saw it just after doing what you preconise & sending the post,..
It would be nice if it could be automaticly done if possible (for next stable), wouldn't it ?

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Could be.. I mean, it only needs a script to replace the file right?

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That almost mission impossible.
Imagine a user that has a customized pacman.conf, has repos added additionally. What should pacman do in this case? Delete the file? Merge it with the new one? ignore it?
This is often asked, but this is the way pacman works, it doesn't merge files automatically or replaces files without user doing it.

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you have to manually use "pacdiff" (which is a part of pacman) to check for new config files.
alternatively, you can use pacui's "clean system" function, which does it automatically for you.


Cannot be automatic - this is how I spotted it. My conf file contains a lot of changes - I would not be a happy chappy if it was overwritten :smiley:


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