[Unstable Update] 2016-08-30 - NetworkManager, Haskell, Plasma 5.7.4

Yes, thank you. This work around works for me too on Plasma5. I was having all kinds of problems connecting with WiFi after the update. I used my phone and found this work around. Now WiFi is connecting as expected.

Edit: OK, I found that there is an issue with this workaround and plasma5. While my connection to the main hotspot is solid, no other WiFi connections now show up in the tray applet, so the only one visible is the one I'm connected to.

The problem is when I take my laptop out of range of my main connection into the areas covered by my WiFi range extender It doesn't show up. I'm, however, able to connect using the Network Connection Editor from the tray applet, but I can see where this would be a problem if I were out at a coffee shop or other public hotspot where I wouldn't be able to see any available connections.

Also there is another minor bug/annoyance, as the WiFi tray applet no longer changes color from green to white indicating an active connection.

Just updated all of my machines. I only have issues with the Network Manager on one machine though. I have tried to downgrade it but the issue still ccurs so I just sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager every time I turn it so that it displays properly. I know it my machine but I have been too lazy to try to get to the botom of it

what is the point of announcemets for unstable since they are not specific snapshots but are rolling constandly

Update: I had to downgrade both networkmanager and libnm-glib back to the version in stable. Too many problems. Around 20 mins after my previous post other available connections mysteriously began appearing in the tray applet. This would normally be a good thing, however, my home connection I wasn't using didn't show up normally.

Let me better explain: my two connections are HOME-242 and HOME-242_EXT respectively. When I boot-up my laptop will login to whichever has the greatest signal strength depending on where I am in my home or on the porch. If I'm in an area where my main hotspot HOME-242 is strongest, it connects no problem, but HOME-242_EXT now appears as HOME-242_EXT(wlp12s0). wlp12s0 is the name of my WiFi adapter in my laptop, strange... Unfortunately, I'm unable to connect with that hotspot from the applet. It asks for my login and it appears to connect, but no data seems to transfer. However, if I connect using the old connection name without (wlp12s0) through the Connection Editor it does connect, but then the original connection HOME-242 appears in the tray applet as HOME-242(wlp12s0) with the same problems. I can connect using Connection Editor, but not with the tray applet. Strangely enough that if I reboot in an area where HOME-242_EXT is strongest it connects right away with no issue.

So I downgraded back to the latest version in the stable repo and everything reverted back to normal as expected. Very, very strange...

Well, more or less for some feedback. With every announcement we tell people what had changed. If some needs to be tested in unstable we announce it. Most likely we only announce testing and stable branch updates.


In better NetworkManager news - I seem to no longer suffer from any bugs (ie - this one). I have removed my hold on network-manager-applet and am running everything up to date on current unstable with no issues. :smiley:

Good to know cscs will try later

Is the dbus problem fixed?, just finished a night shift, so going to bed.

Sorry - tired - the second point was to all in general, not aimed at you :blush: :zzz: :zzz:

Which dm are you running? and de?

Dbus problems this is my problem with links to bug and Arch forum.

look at my profile. oh well .. lightdm isnt listed there. but yeah - lightdm. xfce. 4.7 branch. unstable.

... ill start replying to you on your other post.

Is this update for unstable branch??? Why does is it noticed to me in the stable branch?

Hi Manjaro Devs and Team
Thanks it worked perfect. Smooth update.

[quote="joshua.dunamis, post:19, topic:8371, full:true"]
Is this update for unstable branch??? Why does is it noticed to me in the stable branch?
[/quote]if you are talking about the nofication thing all user get notified about the unstable updates since those updates will eventually get pushed to the stable brach

(You can go in your profile setings and block the unstable update from showing)

I can confirm this as well on Plasma 5....no longer changes from green to white. I did not apply the work-around, the only issue I experience is having to disconnect and reconnect to have a working connection on initial boot-up.

Best regards.

This is the first time I have notifications from unstable branch... I did a "sudo pacman -Syu" and it shows to me 31 packages to upgrade... I didn't continue... and now I'm not sure about what I have to do. Have I to update right now?

PS. I use Octopi as graphical package manager....


I have Manjaro stable branch installed... this update is only for unstable... why was it noticed to me? Have I to update?

if you mean "Do i have to update" then the answer is yes there was also a stable update a week ago ...

Ok thanks. Sorry for the grammatical mistake... :rage: I know about the previous stable update a week ago.. I did it without any issue. This time I read "Unstable update", so I was hesitant!!!

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