[Unstable Update] 2019-06-19 - Kernel 5.2rc5-2 + extramodules -0.8

Kernel 5.2rc5-2 is our first kernel build with new gcc 9.1.0


Thank you. Is 5.2 likely to become the next LTS kernel?

If Linus is sticking to the current LTS release cadence, I suspect 5.3 of being the next LTS kernel (every 5th kernel release).

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Are there still errors and delay on load?

Might just be Arm64 @Strit ?

We haven't built a kernel with gcc 9.1 yet, as it just entered our repo, but the next builds will be done with it.
If it fixes boot delay I don't know. @dodgejcr would have to test it on the rockpro64, where it was most prominent).

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