[Unstable Update] 2020-03-08 - Gnome 3.36, Systemd v245, Gamemode, Poppler

It landed in Testing yesterday. So far we have found one issue with arc-menu that prevents the snap to stable branch. In rolling release it is problematic to hold off updates for too long from distro side, so we will probably bring it to stable when all the extensions that we ship have been updated to work with 3.36. And when we have confirmed that the new systemd version doesn't cause problems. I think it will be probably in a week or two.

The major extensions that we ensure won't break in stable branch:

  • dash-to-dock (ready)
  • dash-to-panel (ready)
  • arc-menu (almost ready)
  • kstatusnotifier (did not break)
  • desktop icons NG (did not break)

There are others too, but they are not likely to break in the first place.

If you install some other extensions from the gnome extensions websites, we cannot guarantee that they won't break. Many extensions do not get updated to new gnome versions at all, so we cannot delay updates for the extensions that we do not ship.

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What's the issue with arc-menu? I am using it on vanilla arch with 3.36 without issue. I'm not using GNOME at the moment with my Manjaro install, but I have it installed and am on Unstable branch so I can check but I haven't had any issues with it on 3.36.

Currently the settings dialog isn't opening, the menu itself is working fine. That's why we pushed it to testing.


That's strange, it works with 3.36 on vanilla Arch and ArcoLinux. Settings dialog and everything, actually all the features work now, even changing settings that used to require a restart of gnome-shell or logging out and logging back in. I'll check tomorrow on Manjaro, I'm booted into ArcoLinux right now.

Screenshot from 2020-03-16 07-47-14

Maybe it's because Arch doesn't have a packaged build in the official repos, and only has the git version of arc menu in the AUR, I don't know what else would cause the difference.


Issue is now fixed upstream, I'm building and uploading the fixed package soon.

Edit: packages are uploading now to unstable and testing.


Pamac doesn't show anything in the menu.

I have virgin Manjaro Gnome Unstable (upgraded from the last ISO)
There are missing Optional Dependencies libappindicator-gtk3 for Caffeine it causes no icon in bar.

It's an optional dependency, it's not missing. :wink:

I think we should include it in the future.

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If it would be possible you can think about menu libre too. Lots of new users check what programs are installed and see those what they do not need and try to uninstall them and they take whole system with it.
Or hide them as default, like avahi, who wants to use them they know how and where to find, for average user it is junk.
Menu libre simply hides those prohpgrams from menu. I use it. KDE has its own program for it included.

We are using app folders to keep stuff like this out of sight on the next release.

I think it will not help, people will still be uninstalling them. When I opened menu libre I saw there is hidden lots of programs like everything from settings has its “program” icon too I did not know it.

There seems to be an issue with lightdm in virtualbox installs. Can't quite pinpoint from where, but none of the installs that have lightdm as default can initiate the desktop session, regardless the way i tried.

The dash to dock window overview problem is finally fixed, I have been waiting it for years.

The MESA hardware decoding for Steam Remote Play is not working now.

@philm, are you still waiting for nvidia 440 on linux56?

There seems to be a problem with this last systemd update (245.4-1 -> 245.4-2)(assuming the problem is with systemd but I wouldn't know for sure.)

[fred-manjaro-cinnamon ~]# homectl
Failed to list homes: Unit dbus-org.freedesktop.home1.service not found.

I have a homed user account which can't be logged into (had to use timeshift to revert update.) from journal:

Apr 02 17:44:25 lightdm[636]: pam_systemd_home(lightdm:auth): Failed to query user record: Unit dbus-org.freedesktop.home1.service not found.
Apr 02 17:44:25 lightdm[636]: gkr-pam: error looking up user information

I determined a causal factor regarding the hdd sleep issue I've been having...turns out it's kernel-related. linux55 and linux56 are affected but the issue is not present on linux54 (lts) -- on linux54, the drives sleep normally at the specified time in the gnome disks utility with no other changes made. My guess the issue started somewhere between linux55 v5.5.1-1 (4-feb) & 5.5.4-1 (15-feb).

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