Upcoming changes to kmod and mkinitcpio and AUR kernels

With mkinitcpio 27-1 and kmod 26-3 Arch changed on how the kernel initramfs-images get generated. Manjaro didn't adopt to this changes yet. This means all external AUR kernels you may have will adopt to the new way Arch does it at some point. We will see when we plan to adopt and how any other kernels available for Manjaro will be handled in future.

Therefore we downgraded to mkinitcpio 26 and kmod 26-2 for now. Please downgrade your systems too, as otherwise we can't guarantee a working boot of your OS.


What about the dropping of extramodules? I'm not exactly sure how this affects Manjaro tho.
Will be waiting for when the new packages arrive in testing even tho they're not even in unstable yet, new linux-lqx didn't install of course and my older version simply got overwritten by.... nothing.

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