Update causes display settings to revert every boot

Hi, I am using the community edition of Manjaro Awesome, I just built this out within the last two weeks. I did a system update two days ago, now when I boot up in the morning my system display has reset to its initial state when I did the install. I have 4 monitors and use Nvidia drivers from Manjaro. the initial state is 4 monitors arranged left to right and the second monitor as primary, I change it to the first as primary and a stack arrangement. The sequence is 1,2 left to right on the bottom row, 3,4 left to right on the top row. Since I use awesome wm the sequence is vital to the shortcuts that are configured. When I boot up it now has reverted to its initial state again, I waited to check it but now two days in a row this is what it has done. Any help with this would be great. thanks

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what DE? xfce?
rm ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/displays.xml
reboot and setup your layout again and see if it sticks

Sorry I added that in the edit, it is the community edition of awesome so it is built in part on top of XFCE

Ok, I'll try that and let you know, thanks

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Hi, I tried what you said this morning and it had no effect, when I boot up the settings are once again lost and I have to reset, even after resetting certain apps open up in the upper left screen which would be the 3rd screen in the sequence. Thanks for your help with this.

i know i've read others having this issue recently, maybe in update announcements? not sure, but check the last 2 update announcements for both stable and testing and see if you find something similar and how it was fixed. you should also make a post in the latest update announcement of your branch about this issue, it will also be more likely to be read/fixed

I looked through latest updates and I didn't see anything similar unfortuantely

from arch wiki:

Multiple monitors

Xfce has support for multiple monitors. Settings can be configured in the Applications > Settings > Display dialog. For more information, see the display article from the Xfce documentation.

XFCE's display configuration is not persistent so you may find yourself needing to use the display tool a lot, especially if you use multiple displays. One workaround for this is to use arandr to easily configure your display configurations in the form of xrandr commands which you can assign to be executed as XFCE keyboard shortcuts.

have you tried setting and saving the monitor layout in nvidia settings?

besides that, you can use xrandr commands to set the layout/positions and add that command to the bottom of

that way awesome sets the monitor layout when it starts. easiest way of doing this would probably be by setting the layout using arandr, apply it, save it.

then add this line to ~/.config/awesome/autorun.sh :

arandr /home/$USER/.screenlayout/layout.sh

replace layout.sh with whatever you named the saved arandr layout. awesome should then run that command when it's started

I'll try this, I was using nvidia but it didn't seem to set the primary screen correctly and the XFCE app for display would fix that. I will try this and see if it helps, thanks

your welcome, hope it works out. i use awesome-wm myself but not with multiple monitors so i cant reproduce the behavior

In case you haven't solved this yet, here's another thread that describes the same thing with another solution: Display Configuration Not Being Remembered

Not sure if it works the same in Awesome though

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