Update vlc-nightly

Ran 'Trizen -Syyu', and it want to upgrade vlc-nightly:

  1. vlc-nightly: 3.0.5v20181009-1 ==> 4.0.0v20190324-1

=>> Select packages for upgrade ( for all)

Should I do that and why is it suggesting it?

If I run 'sudo pacman -Syyu' it is not trying to replace.

pacman only looks in official repo. vlc-nightly was dropped from the official repo. So you have to use an aur helper like trizen to install the package from AUR.


Or maybe even better, replace vlc-nightly with normal vlc, which is present in Manjaro repos.


Removed vlc-nightly and installed normal vlc.

Moved from #general-discussion to #newbies as this is a request for help, not a discussion item

some of the 18.0.4 ISO images shipped with vlc-nightly which is now in AUR only. Switching back to vlc from the manjaro repositories is the better option for most users so I marked that as the thread solution in case anyone else is looking to update a now out-of-date build of vlc-nightly and have not read the wiki pointers in the update announcement threads.

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