Updated Firefox cannot open forum

This is weird, posting from my phone. Every other site seems to work. Going to try another browser brb

OK Chrome works.


Just a blank page. Next downgrade FF BRB


Works fine on my end.

Yes, I was in the middle of running through the standard checks :wink:

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firefox --safe-mode

Same problem. I can get to www.manjaro.org but not archived.forum.manjaro.org.

Rebooted router.

Rebooted machine.

Firefox-devel works. google-chrome - works.

@marte - which version are you on? (74.0.1 here).

Sorry, should have mentioned before. Got the same version as you after the most recent update a little while ago:

Name            : firefox
Version         : 74.0-1

Just checking :smiley:

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