Updated mate-tweak and new mate-panel layouts (unstable branch)


The new layouts are installed with the package manjaro-mate-panel-layout. In order to make all the layouts visible, you need to make sure that you have installed:

  1. brisk-menu
  2. vala-panel-appmenu-mate
  3. mate-applet-dock
  4. mate-applets
  5. mate-menu
  6. plank or docky

mate-tweak is currently patched in order to recognize these panel layouts, but soon all the changes will get to the upstream project. So, please test and give feedback, ideas, suggestions or whatever.


Who wants co-maintainership of the AUR package? I snagged it a little while back as it was an orphan.

Awesome! By the way, that Mutiny got me chuckle :smiley:


@jonathon Sure I can be co-maintainer, I just have little experience with AUR, so I don't know exactly what privileges co-maintership gives and how exactly it works, but I can look more deeper into this from October when I will have more time. Just keep in mind that mate-tweak 17.10.x series (I believe from mate-tweak 17.10.5 and later or something) need an updated mate-desktop (which Stefano has built for manjaro: https://github.com/manjaro/packages-community/commit/105335fd4da0c83d8aec2ae5d6e8349efafbb84f, but it's not available in arch), otherwise it crashes when someone changes panel layouts. This problem exists in Tumbleweed as well, so I have requested the developers to backport some commits to mate-desktop 1.18 series, but they have done no actions yet:

Maybe you want to ask the arch maintainer of mate-tweak to build it against a newer git commit or else it would be better to keep mate-tweak in a older version (I don't remember which was the last that it was working properly and I don't have any arch installation with mate currently).

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That's currently me... it only has an AUR package, it's not in the Arch repos.

mate-desktop? The AUR version is currently 17.10.13 but hasn't got any changes/tweaks of the package in the Manjaro community repo.

Basically I've just been bumping the package versions...

Yeah sorry I meant to say "the arch maintainer of mate-desktop". Yeah mate-tweak doesn't need fix, it just that, from version 17.10.5 or something, it checks for the value of a gschema which doesn't exist in mate-desktop 1.18 release, but it was added later in this commit: https://github.com/mate-desktop/mate-desktop/commit/e6444114f81750cc18f08f6fd84af121910c0dda (mate-tweak 17.10.x is meant to be used by Ubuntu MATE 17.10 which already has the development release mate-desktop 1.19).

If you see at Stefano's commit when he updated mate-tweak back then, he also built mate-desktop from a github commit, instead of the official release.

Ok I remembered that I had a RevengeOS installation (which has its own mate-tweak build but it makes no difference for the problem) on virtualbox so I made a video in order to show you the problem:



Ah, OK, then I should be able to patch the current mate-tweak to remove the check on the new (mate-desktop=1.19) schema.

Hmm... 17.10 is 'artful', and mate-desktop is currently 1.18 there: https://packages.ubuntu.com/artful/mate-desktop

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That would be indeed a good solution, since I believe this check is only needed for some panel layouts which arch doesn't have.

Yeah you are right, but I believe that Wimpy(flexiondotorg) has patched it locally or maybe he has done something else. You can see his answer here: https://github.com/ubuntu-mate/mate-tweak/issues/22, from when I first asked Stefano to raise the issue on bitbucket and see if he can fix it (now the project has moved to github)


Interpretation 1

I don't like the solution there. They're patching the official mate-desktop for Ubuntu-specific changes, and expecting other distros to follow the same patches in order to have a working mate-tweak. That means mate-tweak is influencing the patches included in the mate-desktop package. That seems wrong.

Interpretation 2

mate-tweak includes some "optional" Global Menu support which shouldn't be enabled if the associated patches aren't in mate-settings-daemon/mate-desktop. This seems more reasonable.

Well, I believe that global menu support is done not only for mate-tweak, but in general so that for example vala-panel-appmenu-mate can work with the mate-panel (which can be added even without the mate-tweak). Mate-tweak uses some layouts like mutiny, which add the global menu applet and so it needs to make sure that it works properly.

The problem in my opinion, is that the documentation is really missing. Maintainers/packagers don't have any info on what works and what not. All the info that I've gathered is by reading the mate-tweak code and I've done it without even knowing python!?!?! :laughing: (I needed to read the /usr/bin/mate-wm script and some code which, thankfully, had enough comments in order to understand how to fix the original problem with the compositor).

I believe that the best we can do is to treat the latest mate-tweak version as a development release. That means, that when mate-tweak 18.04 is released (which will target the next Ubuntu MATE) then we should NOT update it. We should wait for Ubuntu MATE 18.04 to be released first and hope that any needed patches will have already be included in the official MATE projects (mate-panel, mate-settings-daemon, etc...). That makes sense because in the last 2 years I've seen that the next MATE release is always done just before the next Ubuntu MATE release.


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