Updated to LTS kernel, but Manjaro always boots into the non-LTS default

I have to choose the LTS option from the advanced menu of the Manjaro in boot loader every time. Is that how it's done? Since I access Windows + MXLinux through the same menu, it's kinda too many clicks to access Manjaro.!

Screenshot from 2020-08-08 21-04-20

Hello @rqhul

You can download grub-customizer and change the boot order!

sudo pacman -S grub-customizer or via pamac!

thanks @johngavr , i will do that probably. also what do you suggest? should i use LTS version or the normal one? since its recommended and tends to be more stable and i had seen LTS versions boot faster, I am inclined towards using LTS as default.

It's up to you to choose the kernel.

Because i love the rolling way i use the latest kernels all the time.

If you can't solve some issues by yourself maybe LTS is the better choice for you!


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please don't use grub-customizer. there are a lot of threads in this forum about the damage it does and the intricate task of undoing it.

yes, grub automatically boots into the most recent kernel you have installed. if you want to run the lts kernel, don't install a newer one. if you don't want to run 5.6 you don't have to have it.

...though i would suggest you do install the previous lts (4.19) as well, to keep for emergencies.

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The default configuration makes grub select the latest kernel. This can be changed so it defaults to another, or to the last one used. See the two points starting there:

oh i had a hunch about grub customizer problems (mx boot repair always helps me)

@maycne.sonahoz will try learn a bit more and DIY it if i am confident enough

Manjaro already remembers the last booted kernel, no need for fiddling. :wink:

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Well, not in his, apparently...


Does your issue happen every time, or actually only when you booted to Windows / MX the time before?

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