Updates freeze!

Hello. I installed Manjaro 19.0 Kyria KDE version. Eveything was fine until this week. It says I have over 700 updates in software manager. I have both manjaro and AUR repositories. When I click update all it shows its loading and building but usually stops and freezes at about the 35% range.20200722_174422

Try running it in pacman instead

First clear out any partially downloaded updates

find /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ -iname "*.part" -exec sudo rm {} \;

and then run the update

sudo pacman -Syu

As it's a very large update you may want to run it in a tty.

I recommend going to your tty to update since it's such a big update. You can access the tty via:

  • CTRL + ALT + F2 (F3, F4, F5, F6)

You should update the packages from the official repo first:

sudo pacman -Syyu

Then update your AUR packages:

pamac upgrade -a

And then you can use systemctl poweroff to turn off, or systemctl reboot to reboot your computer.

yeah i follow the tutorial from this post

if you also have AUR packages to update, once you are finished with pacman use;

  1. pamac checkupdates
  2. review list of updates ensure you are ok with them all
  3. pamac update
  4. then at at end sudo reboot

Note pamac will not let you use sudo as it has to be user based.

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