Updating from an older image - does anything stay unchanged ?

If I install an older MJ image, e.g. 17.1.11 instead of 18.1.2, what stays the same when I update, or does everything change to the latest edition ?

If your pacman log goes back to 17.1.11 start there and read it foreword to see what changes. If it does not go back that far try: cat /var/log/pacman.log | less and read on.
Ask yourself:
How much changes in an update (?) x updates /yr x yrs =+- stuff that changed.
A: lots!

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many thanks for your help - much appreciated.
what is the location of the log file going back to the 17.1.11 start ?

Google is your friend.,,:slightly_smiling_face:
You joined Manjaro : Joined Apr 29, '17 have you read your log mentioned above? How far is that back...?

I've found it now, many thanks - must go and get some sleep !
Many thanks again :sleeping:

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Very welcome.
Happy trails!

Nothing ever stays the same on a rolling release.

That said there may be functionality - small terminal utilities which hasn't change for years - but I think this is a small percentage.

The only thing that will stay unchanged is the theming.

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