Updating Linux 414

This happened while.updating and what should I do about it. Im updating manjaro when it reaches to 103/128 and my cursor works it can move but nothing happens when I click something please tell me the solution and should I wait?? Should I restart ??

Please wait until the update is finished. Then reboot.

But I don't know when the update will be over it's frozen but the only thing I can do is move my.cursor nothing else than.that

Even the time is 30 minutes behind

If you press CTRL+ALT+F2 you will get to a TTY.
Login there and run the top command.
When the update process is done, you can press q and then reboot to reboot the machine.

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Nothing happened instead now it is actually froze I can't even move the cursor

Even the keyboards caps lock isn't working

Then you are going to have to hard reset - do you have multiple kernels installed? If so boot to another kernel in grub then restart the update in a terminal:

sudo pacman -Syyu

PS: Have a Manjaro USB handy. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Look I dont know if I have them.or not.im not so sure

Should I shut.it down and restart?or wait. More

Hold the power button in till it reboots. The machine is frozen.

From the grub menu select advanced options - look for another kernel there.

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If I don't have a kernel what should I do

You should have another kernel, but if not try booting as normal - may work, then as @strit says have your install media to hand if it doesn't.

Can you remember the package it hung up on?

So basically if it doesn't work I need to reformat?

No, we use the install media to access the install and fix. It is called chrooting.

How do we do that I'm kind of. Newbie

I am not telling you - it may not be needed. You can search the forum if you want - for chroot

So just in case I'm gonna wait a few more hours as maybe the updates might be working in the background so after a few hours I'll reboot it and what should I try first the advanced.method or trying to boot it up normally

First try normally. If that does not work try the advanced -> Fallback kernel, if you don't have another kernel installed.

What could be the percentage of.it working and not

My bet is 50/50, since you don't know if the update finished or not. :slight_smile:

Is there a possibility of the update working behind the screen

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