Updating Manjaro Deepin made my PC unusable

Hello, i'm new.
Today i did some updates (356 updates) and i installed virtualbox. After the process i opened virtualbox and the pc was completely freeze. I powered off the pc and then i selected "Manjaro", after a few seconds the pc went in emergency mode with this error: mount: /new_root: no filesystem type specified. You are now being dropped into an emergency shell. sh: can't access tty: job control turned off. Whein i got this error in the past i typed: mount /dev/sda1 new_root and then exit and then the pc started. But now i can't type in this shell, i can't do Ctrl+Alt+F2 and stuff like that. I don't know what to do, can somebody help me? Thanks and sorry for some errors but i'm italian.

Do you have a Manjaro Live USB?

yes, i have

You Manjaro was a bare-metal install, wasn't it?
If yes, you can boot the live USB and in terminal run the command
manjaro-chroot -a
This way you enter the installed system and can perform commands in it. You can give us then the log of what packages you installed:

pacman -S pastebinit
tail 300 /var/log/pacman.log | pastebinit

pastebinit will post the file content to a pastebin service and give you the link to it you can share here then.

What does it mean "bare-metal"? Howewer, i'm gonna update in 2/3 hour because i need to buy a new usb stick

It means on hard disk, not on virtual machine.

You can also create a live DVD of Manjaro if it's cheaper and faster.

I don't have DVDs

  • Which edition of Manjaro did you install?
  • was Manjaro installed on real hardware or within a virtual machine?
  • which install ISO was used? Currently we have 18.1.1 ISOs for all main editions like xfce, gnome and kde

We always try to help, but without any information on what was used and how Manjaro got installed it will be hard for us.


  1. Manjaro Deepin
  2. Real pc
  3. Manjaro Deepin 18

Maybe you can ask someone to lend you their USB stick. Just back up the data which is on it. You will be able to give it back after fixing (or reinstalling Manjaro).

Deepin is a bit problematic at least at the moment. I personally would advise to install Gnome for a similarly "easy" user experience and looks.

Create a new topic if you need installation help with whatever other Manjaro edition you choose.

Seems I can close this topic then. We canceled the support for our Deepin Edition a while ago, basically because it breaks all the time. Please use our regular supported editions instead.

We might continue to have a new ISO based on Deepin 20.0 mid next year but with current situation there is no point at all to invest into that desktop environment.


You can close it but i dunno what to do.

  • Get a USB stick,
  • follow the User Guide https://manjaro.org/support/userguide/ how to create a live USB,
  • boot the live USB,
  • save your valuable data to a different place,
  • install Manjaro from live USB.
    All steps are well described in the User Guide and you can create a new topic if you don't understand. We ave even a Forum category for questions in Italian: #italiano
    Great that you already found it:
    Gli aggiornamenti hanno distrutto il pc.
    And several users and one maintainer speak Italian.

oh good, thanks!

Manjaro deepin - question for you, did you install your updates at the command line or using the pamac program? The reason i ask is that i've been using deepin for around a year and only ever had it trashed using pamac for the larger bundles of updates - using sudo pacman -Syyu at the terminal never caused a prob for me (and i do use oracle virtual boxes on a regualr basis too). For the individual package installs, pacman is used.

I'm installing manjaro cinnamon and when i install i got this error:15716661017582814021557787925946

Open new topic, this tread should be at the end. Now you want install Cinnamon.

Apri un nuovo topic ed avrai più visibilità .. dall'errore sembra che la partizione EFI non sia riconosciuta.

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