Urgent. Unable to start x server - sddm-helper

After experiencing some issues with X in a session (starting applications, etc., I restarted my computer and was unable to launch into the LM. I opened a TTY prompt to try to start x manually, but am unable to do so, either as my user or root. See attached images for output of startx.image

Your help would be hugely appreciated.

can you check

inxi -Fxxxza
df -Th 
sudo journalctl -b0 -p4
sudo systemctl status sddm.service

what have you done to get issues before ?

Thanks in advance for your help. Output of first two commands:


Sorry if I’ve made any rookie mistakes - very new to graphical Linux, but been using server distros for a while.

Output of second two commands:


(Will only let me use one image per post)

Re what caused the issues before the reboot, I’m not sure. I was just using Firefox and configuring Mutt... Sorry this isn’t more useful!

come from sddm-helper

Would you be able to clarify what the resolution is please?

Reinstall? Create a start script for SDDM? These threads offer different solutions...

have you done update on 19-07-2020 ?

No, I have not. Any ideas how to fix this?

Did a fresh install from ISO, downloaded prior to this release. Not updated yet.

if you have juste installed ,
better is re-install

as urgent and if you NEED to save documents or datas
use USB iso manjaro and timeshift or Grsync for Backup ( /home ) to another disk
before reinstall

Okay - will do.

Thanks so much for your help!


This problem was caused by updating qt5 without updating SDDM. Stupid mistake really. Simple solution - update everything at once in future.

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