USB-boot saved files problem

A few days ago I installed Manjaro, and before I did that, I tried it out on an USB stick. I used it to take notes during a lecture and I saved it in my /home/documents/ folder, assuming that since I was going to install it afterwards the saved file would carry over. But it didn't and I guess it doesn't work that way, but I also can't find it on the USB stick. Where did it save it? On the RAM? The USB-stick had several GB of free space so it wouldn't have been out of necessity. Is there any way to recover the file? I know live OSs load some or all the needed files into the RAM but I didn't think it let me save there and didn't tell me that that's just a temporary folder. I thought it created a directory on the USB-stick or something.
Any help would be much appreciated as it would be a pain to redo all the work lost.

It was written in RAM, so it's gone, gone, gone. Sorry.

Persistency is what you are desiring. It can be done with Manjaro, but it is tricky. I would suggest you search the forum for said topics.


Yes. It's a live installer environment (similar to a DVD), not a standard Manjaro installation.

If you want a USB-based Manjaro instance, install Manjaro on the USB drive.

I see. Well I guess I learned something at least ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Should be...

regards :smiley:

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