USB port will not send power to mobile phone

USB port will not send power to mobile phone (LG Android phone)

My phone and laptop (Dell) connect just fine via KDE connect using the same USB cable. The port sends power to the phone for a second or so, then the power disappears.

Is there a setting for this somewhere?

I saw the earlier post with a proposed solution on this:

However, I can't even find a file on my Manjaro titled "tlp"?

Plus, I would prefer to be able to just find a setting for usb power without spending 6 hours learning how to text edit from inside terminal/Konsole.

Isn't there a section in system settings for my usb ports somewhere?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Try with "/etc/tlp.conf"

If using a desktop computer the OP may not have tlp installed.

You should not have to spend time it works out the box for 99.99% of users.
Perhaps KDE is going through a rough time i don't know i use gnome and everything with mobile phones has worked out the box for me.

without spending 6 hours learning

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