USB taking too much time to unmount and eject

I have this problem for a while but never reported, i'm on Manjaro Gnome 19 but it also affected me on 18. I tried to copy a 2.8 GB file to a USB Drive (NTFS partition), the progress bar on gnome moves quicl, in a matter of 25 seconds it's done but when i try to unmount the usb disk the system says it is still writing data... and it stays this way for 10min !!! The usb drive isn't slow, it is pretty fast on Windows.

I search the web and find lots os reports about the same problem on several linux distributions, but strangely no one has a solution. Anyone can help me ?

Don't remove the stick. If you do you will corrupt the data.

Open a terminal and execute sync - when the command finishes and you're returned to prompt it is safe to remove the stick.


NTFS is a closed source Windows file system. The Linux ntfs-3g driver is a reverse engineered driver and does not implement everything - it is reverse engineered.

If you want to compare the two - use fat32 (limit 4G file) or exfat (no limit).

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See here:

ntfs isn't the best (performing) filesystem to use under linux. If you don't need windows compatibilty use a linux native filesystem, if you do (edit: need windows compatibility) try exFAT.


Well i need to record a usb drive to use it on my television. My only options are NTFS and FAT32, but i usually have problems with file size on fat32. So i'm stick to NTFS...

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