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Since this topic was closed, without answering my question:

I will do it via this way. By default Firefox opens the program Catfish within Manjaro XFCE, when the download is finished and you want to open the destination. Same is applicable for other applications like Transmission.

Nevertheless, the original topic point out the solution to change the MIME default of inode/directory to be used with the file browser (=Thunar), which is fine using XFCE!

So why is Manjaro by default configured this way? Still even in Manjaro v18.

I really do not see any benefit of configuring MIME inode/directory to open with Catfish?

(Yes, I do know what Catfish is, it's a graphical search app for your file system).

Maybe it's a wise idea to change the default MIME inode/directory of Manjaro, atleast regarding XFCE to use Thunar?

Melroy van den Berg

locate the file ~/mimeapps.list

This is snipped from my file - using Openbox and Thunar as file manager


[Default Applications]

I do not have the catfish.desktop in the file though catfish is installed - so editing the mentioned file and removing all references to catfish.desktop; should not pose any problems.

I think your problem has come - at some point - from accidently chosing the Open with dialog as this is not the default on Manjaro.

I got here since I just installed Manjaro, updated (incl' FireFox), downloaded something and it opened catfish.
Other than playing with 2nd monitor's Display & changing keyboard's "xfce-terminal --drop-down" to omit drop-down, I haven't initiated any change. This was the default. In my opinion the spirit of Linux compels us to get to know its body better - otherwise there's no sense why this was the default whatsoever :slight_smile:

I just had a look at the settings packages for Xfce and there is no place that catfish is set to open anything.

I also checked with a Xfce VM and there is nothing in there to indicate why FF chooses the catfish app to use for downloaded files. (And it is a fresh 18.0 install on stable branch).

I believe this to be a bug introduced in Catfish (1.4.6-1) some months ago.

If you want to change/progress this issue you might find the links from an earlier post a useful starting place.

Personally I just applied what I understood to be the general command line fix - which essentially does what others have recommended above and in other threads since - and passed on, my technical capabilities being somewhat limited.


A totally fresh install of xfce - updated and download a tar archive is correctly presented with archive manager to use for opening.

So it must be a file issue as it is not a distribution issue.

I could be the file extension which triggers firefox to believe it belongs to catfish - but I don't know as I cannot reproduce the issue.

On a fresh install the issue is not reproducible, as already mentioned by @linux-aarhus.

The issue arises when right-clicking on a folder and selecting “Open with Catfish File Search” (that's at least how I was able to reproduce it).
In this case, a new entry is added in the ~/.config/mimeapps.list file under [Added Associations]. The entry is:


Since there is no reference to the inode/directory MIME type in the [Default Applications] section of the same file, Catfish is used for opening the directory of a downloaded file in Firefox (and probably in other applications).

If you use the command

xdg-mime default Thunar-folder-handler.desktop inode/directory

the issue is resolved, since there is a new entry added in the ~/.config/mimeapps.list file under [Default Applications] (inode/directory=Thunar-folder-handler.desktop), which supersedes the corresponding entry under [Added Associations] that points to Catfish.

In other words, if the entry inode/directory=Thunar-folder-handler.desktop (or inode/directory=exo-file-manager.desktop) was present in the ~/.config/mimeapps.list file at the first place, there would be no issue at all.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but, as far as I can understand, this can be modified in the file /etc/skel/.config/mimeapps.list owned by the package manjaro-xfce-gtk3-settings.
The default content of the file can be found here:

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That is a good explanation and test. :ok_hand: Unfortunately it is not comprehensive. :slightly_frowning_face:

Although they will have to speak for themselves I strongly suspect that the posters who have recently experienced this have not right-clicked and given the 'Open with Catfish File Search' command.

As a solid counter-factual I checked my older install (which as noted in the link above definitely developed this problem with the update to Catfish 1.4.5-1 -> 1.4.6-1, and could be reversed by downgrading that package) and there was no mention in my ~/.config/mimeapps.list of catfish at all. (Indeed the only inode references were to mousepad.desktop.)

Taking this a step further I removed the inode/directory=exo-file-manager.desktop line from the file and restarted. Now once again in Firefox and Transmission (and presumably all sorts of other applications) the right-click 'open folder' option opens the Catfish search window (for the downloads folder where the files are located).

So there is another route to this problem that does not involve a reference to Catfish in the mimapps.list.

Of course this will not matter for the fix you suggest. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well - it is great there is a way to reproduce but as @grinner states this is an unlikely event mostly caused by ignorance - but I get it -

If the mimeapps.list would contain the inode/directory entry from the beginning this would not be an issue.

Maybe @philm or @oberon would like to add this entry to the default mimeapps.list

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Thanks for pointing this out. :slightly_smiling_face:

You're right, I should have been more clear, mentioning that this was the way I was able to reproduce the issue, not that this is the only way this issue can arise.
It could be triggered by an update of Catfish, like the one you mentioned, or by something else. :thinking:

I guess that the method I used was the easiest/quickest way to reproduce this behaviour on a fresh installation, in order to make a research about it (although I wasn't even sure if this would trigger the issue).


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