Using USB flash drive as second hard drive?

Hello y'all, I have a Lenovo Yoga 13 running Manjaro Gnome addition. It's an old laptop which has a tiny hard drive, only 128 GB! I purchased a 256GB Sandisk flash drive which I want to use to increase the storage. My goal is that it acts like a second drive, like how on Windows machines you have the C: drive, D: drive and so on. I want to be able to install programs and put VMs on it, use it for Timeshift backups, etc. What is the best method for doing the above? Thanks for any help! (p.s. Sorry if this has been asked before, my Google searching mostly returned results about creating live USBs or installing Manjaro directly on a USB)

It'll be the usual process, just that the partitioning will occur on the USB.
I'm assuming that you have at least 2 USB ports on your machine. What you'd do is (before booting up) take a second (smaller if you want) USB and make it the bootable USB containing the OS you want to install. Plug that into your machine.
Take the larger capacity (256GB USB drive) and plug that into your machine too.
Go through the usual process, boot from the smaller bootable USB drive containing the installer. In the installation process you'd have to do custom partitioning. After you select custom partitioning, near the top you'll be able to see a drop down list containing all the drives connected to your laptop. Select the 256GB USB drive, and make the partitions. You'd need a / (root) partition, a /home partition, swap (if you want to set the size yourself, otherwise it does it by itself). If your laptop needs an EFI partition it will let you know.
The rest of the steps are all the same.

Thanks for the response, but I don't think this is what I want to do. Wouldn't this create a new installation of Manjaro on the USB which would be separate from the install on the laptop? I want the USB storage to be used withing the laptop installation, like how you can use an SD card to expand storage capacity on a cell phone. I want the USB to be part of the main files system. Maybe what I'm trying to do isn't possible?

why not repalce drive with more space . it not hard and it be more stable in long run

not good idea to have timeshift on the same drive as system .. Just a thought :blush:

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Just mount it to an folder,

So based on this guide from the Manjaro forums I created a directory /media and then /media/Sandisk3.2Gen1 which I set as the mount point for the usb drive. Also have it set to mount at boot. Can I move my home directoy onto the USB now? That's what takes up the majority of space on my SSD.

I assume that would work. If you mount the / root partition onto your hard drive and your /home partition onto the USB, it would work together.

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