VBoxClient failures after updates (Oracle VirtualBox)

On Jan. 1st I upgraded my system and everything removed (pyqt5-common)/installed/upgraded fine.
After reboot and login it errored on su to root but did switch users. It continues to give the error.
"VBoxClient: error: No service specified. Quiting because nothing to do!"

System Particulars:
My Manjaro is a VM running via Oracle VirtualBox on a Windows 10 Home edition system.
On Windows I have Oracle VirtualBox 6.1.0 r135406 (Qt5.6.2)
Kernel: 4.19.91-1 (upgraded from 4.19.88-1)
Release: manjaro-release 18.1.5-1 (upgraded from 18.1.4-1)
File Manager: thunar 1.18.11-1
Desktop: Xfce
linux419-virtualbox-guest-modules 6.1.0-4 (upgraded from 6.0.14-9)
virtualbox-guest-utils 6.1.0-1 (upgraded from 6.0.14-4)

I checked the vboxservice.service and it was enabled:
I tried another update via (pacman -Syyu) and there was nothing to do.
The pacman logfile had no errors.
There were no errors in dmesg and it showed success as the result of the su.
I upgraded Oracle VirtualBox to version 6.1 after I upgraded the VM. I still have the pre-upgrade snapshot of the Manjaro VM I can restore to if need be.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as this apparently is also impacting my ability to use Ren'Py, visual novel software, as it will not fully come up. The first time I opened it there was a complaint about the renderer not being found. I haven't fully pursued that line yet thinking it more likely fallout from the VirtualBox issue.

Thank you for any assistance.


just wanted to report that I have the same issue. The problem I have with that is that the clipboard isn't working between my Windows 10 Host and the Manjaro client.

Excuse the screenshot, sending this from Windows...


For now there is a few issues with VirtualBox - different members of the team and the community are working to solve these.

Please check the status here [HowTo] VirtualBox - Installation, USB, Shared folders

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It's really difficult working like this without a clipboard :frowning:

I see no mention of the clipboard issue in the HowTo you linked.

I restored to a snapshot I made prior to the upgrades and upgraded everything again except without linux419-virtualbox-guest-modules and virtualbox-guest-utils. This cleared up the su error, thus pointing specifically to VirtualBox issues as expected. Ren'Py was still failing. Ren'Py uses python 2.7 and is not compatible with python3.

Now to find a way to house both python 2.7 and python 3 on the same server, since Ren'Py doesn't support python 3 yet and Linux likes to get rid of things python 2.7 needs...

It seems that the OP's issue may be the same as the one I'm experiencing.
Here's my set-up:
Host OS: Windows 10 64-bit 10.0.18363.592
Guest OS: Manjaro Juhraya 18.1.5 64-bit with all latest updates (2020-02-07) running on 5.4.17-1-MANJARO
extra/linux54-virtualbox-guest-modules 6.1.2-6 (linux54-extramodules) [installed]
community/linux-latest-virtualbox-guest-modules 5.4-1 (linux-latest-extramodules) [installed]
community/virtualbox-guest-utils 6.1.2-1 [installed]

VirtualBox: 6.1.2 w/Oracle Extension Pack 6.1.2

Update (2020-02-25): the same is happening after upgrading to Kyria 19.0, running Linux 5.5.2-1-MANJARO #1 SMP PREEMPT Tue Feb 4 19:22:35 UTC 2020 x86_64 GNU/Linux
core/linux55 5.5.2-1 [installed]
core/linux55-headers 5.5.2-1 [installed]
extra/linux55-virtualbox-guest-modules 6.1.2-3 (linux55-extramodules) [installed]

I've figured that while doing su - root, after successful authentication VBoxClient-allis executed.
It's a shell script so peeking inside of it I've found that it tries to start all VBoxClient services in the background.
The one that fails is:

VBoxClient --checkhostversion
VBoxClient: error: No service specified. Quitting because nothing to do!

It appears that the bug was in the VirtualBox software itself. After upgrading VirtualBox to version 6.1.8 it looks like it has been resolved.
Note: You will also need to upgrade to linux##-virtualbox-guest-modules-6.1.8-3-x86_64.pkg package.

I have a big problem with this i lost my times

I use pastebin and pgp...

It's probably easier using PuTTY from Windows and pasting things into files back and forth. I don't have enough memory left to open a browser after starting my development environment.

I am very close to switching to another distro.

I am very close to switching to another distro.

me too...

i think go on bsd or fedora

it's essential for my work use the clipboard bidirectional

who fix this problem?

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