[Vertex] Some xfce-gtk3 fixes

Although we are about to leave vertex-themes behind as Manjaro's official theme, we are still trying to do our best with fixing issues and keeping it alive.
With flat themes being all the hype these days and vertex abandoned by its original developer quite a while ago it's somewhat of a nostalgic task... and, if you know anything about gtk3-theming, a quite overwhelming one, aswell :wink:

Anyway, thanks to @Photon's repeated initiative and help, I was finally able to fix the text color issues of panel applets with the transition to gtk3 and also I managed to restore our familiar two-colored Manjaro look, @manyroads's original design, of the whiskermenu in the regular and now also the dark maia variants.

here you go: dark - regular - light:


The final packaged versions
vertex-themes 20180424-3,
vertex-maia-themes 20180424-4 and
vertex-maia-gtk3 20180424-3
are now waiting on the testing branch and will be available on stable with the upcoming update.

Have fun! :slight_smile:


What is going to be the next default theme for Manjaro?

Looks like we're - maybe - heading towards adapta-maia ...?

Okay, I've installed adapta now, doesn't make a very big difference.
And the icon-set, anything new about that?

Latest xfce dev build was using Vibrancy colors - I like Papirus quite a lot... We shall see. :slight_smile:


well, it uses different colors and is a flat theme ... :wink:

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Thanks for keep working on Vertex. I think it's really one of the best themes I've ever used. It's too bad.

adapta-maia is a very good choice I think. I'm really appreciating its subtlety the more I use it.

BTW, there's a [! warning] for Vibrancy-Colors icons on my sytem that it has no system cache, and...

$ sudo gtk-update-icon-cache -f /usr/share/icons/Vibrancy-Colors
gtk-update-icon-cache: The generated cache was invalid.

Is this a problem? [Edit: Nevermind I'm using vibrancy-colors-dark anyway, the panel items show up better on adapta-maia]

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Yes, I know. It's a warning message we were never able to get rid of :wink: But you can safely ignore it.


@oberon: I noticed that Whisker's panel label again has a bold font:


Not sure when and how it happened (I only noticed it recently because I actually switched to Adapta on my laptop to be more up to date :slight_smile: ).


Really like (and prefer) the traditional Adapta-Maia, Adapta-Eta-Maia theme styling that keeps the all-white XFCE menu. For me, the recent change to mirror the old Vertex black & white combo is exactly the reason that I switched over to Adapta-Maia almost immediately after installation. White, no contrast = less busy, easier on eyes.

Is there a way to get the menu style back to all-white, or maybe add a theme variant similar to the Vertex-Maia-Light?

The Adapta-Black-Eta-Maia gets the white menu back, but adds a slight green hue to the white in windows.


Ok, your opensource freedom.... :wink:
Here's a version without the whiskermenu patch, just for you and everybody else who doesn't like it.
You need to have git installed.
Now navigate to somewhere on your disk where you want the build folder to live and do this:

git clone https://github.com/oberon2007/adapta-maia-theme.git
cd adapta-maia-theme
makepkg -i
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What a champ!

Was thinking of downloading the adapta color pack from Gnome-Look and trying to get close with the color "teal". :upside_down_face:

Thanks so much for making time and effort to package that alternative. Much appreciated!

You're GIT theme works great.

You'll find a donation shortly.


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Just glad there is something being done to make another theme that isnt flat or adwaita


How can I upgrade to vertex-maia-gtk3 ? I get this error message, and I don't want to break manjaro-xfce-settings...

resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...
:: vertex-maia-gtk3 and vertex-maia-themes are in conflict. Remove vertex-maia-themes? [y/N] y
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing vertex-maia-themes breaks dependency 'vertex-maia-themes' required by manjaro-xfce-settings

Should I open a new thread?

That theme only works with XFCE-GTK3 packages.

Then should I install "manjaro-xfce-gtk3-settings" ?

You can install it via sudo pacman -Sdd vertex-maia-gtk3 and ignore the dependency of the settings package. sudo pacman -Rdd vertex-maia-themes for removing the other theme first.

That didn't work. I went ahead and installed "manjaro-xfce-gtk3-settings" and then I was able to install vertex-maia-gtk3.

Make sure you have also all the available xfce4-<application>-gtk3 packages installed, replacing the gtk2 (non-gtk3) equivalents. You should not mix gtk2 with gtk3 xfce group packages, or you 'll soon discover bugs.. :wink:

For those that love the Vertex theme, and want to test my iteration of it, have a look here:

My last comment has the good and complete file.


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