Very ineffective search of installed applications.

When I'm looking for certain installed application (through Octopi or pacman) I often can't find it, for example Karbon, microsoft-Skype-online. I marked "Installed" (search among installed) option, tried to switch search to name, description etc.

Well neither of those things are packages ...

For example 'karbon' is part of calligra.

Just like you dont delete 'libreoffice-writer' or 'writer' but you can uninstall libreoffice-fresh
Or you dont uninstall a particular font - but rather the larger font package, and so on.

Heres some examples of how to find such things.

First - a simple linux tool, nothing to do with package manager:
for example which karbon will return /usr/bin/karbon

Then lets look at pacman:
pacman -Qo karbon
should return
/usr/bin/karbon is owned by calligra 3.1.0-17

But both of those work for known executables or file names ..

What if we just want to 'search' for some keyword .. maybe a file that is part of a package, but we dont know the location?

pacman -Ql lists files owned by packages. If you dont supply a package name it prints them all.
So pacman -Ql | grep karbon should show us everything on the system that has a file with 'karbon' in it.

pacman -Fsl karbon or more intensely, sudo pacman -Fysx karbon
will search everything, including packages that arent even installed, for a file mention

Can you now find the skype one on your own?

If not click here

There are multiple skype packages - but I think you are referring to one provided by the package


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