[VERY SOLVED] Card reader EW1052

...and the driver CD is for Mac and...that other one...
And I use :wink: Linux...
Anyone have a clue where to get the drivers?
Edit - it seems to be a realtek reader...

My curiosity would like to know two things.
One, why did you buy a device, knowing you run linux, without making sure the device supports linux? Ie you could ask in the shop, or inform yourself before you buy something?
Two, is the driver cd male or female? :stuck_out_tongue:

One - I trust Linux and...(being a woman)...I'm pretty condifent I can get this to work, and if not, eh, I lost 15 bux on the project...it's phe monthly price for my hormones... :wink:
Two - well, I cant tell...since drivers dont wear clothes... :stuck_out_tongue:
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Wrong in my view, because if the manufacturer simply does not offer a linux driver, it should be boycotted.
This trust is in the wrong end invested in my view, ask people with wifi that only runs with ndiswrapper. I guess they would swap the device any time for one that runs out of the box.

Are you sure it doesn't work out of the box?

I've a couple of these (different manufacturers) , both older and almost as new, and they all seem to work on every version of Linux I've used.

Basically, if the storage inserted into these devices work, these things seem to work fine in linux. And in most cases are automounted automatically.

If in doubt tail logs (journalctl -ef) while you plug it into the machine with a storage card installed.

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The goal is (was?) to read my eID card so I can interact with govermental sites (social benefits, pension and such)...
It does nto work out of the box, sadly...
Ad yes, I hoped (silly me) that wine could somehow get to the drived, but..nope...
And...installing **dows is OUT of the question!
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Hey @ButterflyMelissa follow this guide

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Thank you :slight_smile:
Did a test, had a look at my official pension...I hope it never comes...

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