Very weird printer problem

OK, this printer, my Brother HL-3170CDW, had worked perfectly, without even having to install a driver.

Later, I did find the driver for this printer and installed it. I had to reinstall (faster than looking up an obscure problem), and, before I did anything else, installed the driver from the AUR.

I can see the printer (I did have to reinstall manjaro-printing twice before it appeared), but rather than recognizing the drivers already installed, game me the "Choose Driver" interface, in which, under Brother, HL-3170CDW does not appear.

The CUPS page doesn't even see the printer, with the CUPS drivers installed.

I tried the closest model number in the wizard, and got this when I tried a test page:
"Processing - Unable to locate printer "BRWD85DE26C5CDF". The print status window says "Processing - not connected?"

I have a shipping label which I must get printed, but it's, so far, not possible.

Both the laptop and the printer are on the same network, naturally. I also used a

I'm baffled.

Any ideas?

I have uninstalled and reinstalled manjaro-printer 6 or 7 times, and it still does not appear.


Pen, ink.

Worry about the printer tomorrow.

I'm guessing you're aware of this, but if it is an emergency of sorts can you print from a phone or something like a cloud service, or directly from an usb stick?

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OK, it was the printer itself.

Everything obeys the Second Law of Thermodynamics, some too soon, and some shockingly late, but everything put together, even silicon, falls apart.

The Brother printer world not connect wirelessly, by USB, or even ethernet.

Bought an Epson ET-2760, which connected immediately, using the generic AUR Epson drivers.



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