VGA2HDMI mini converter resolution problem

I just got HP G1 800 sff with this config:
i5 4590@3.30GHz
8gb RAM
Intel HD4600 GPU
120gb Kingston SSD

I already used manjaro i3wm edition on my old laptop, connected trought HDMI with FullHD TV, Sony Bravia 32''. I'm able to set resolution to Full HD (1920x1080).
I want to connect my new config to this TV, but I have only VGA output on HP G1, so I bought VGA2HDMI mini converter.

My main issue is that the resolution is so low, also no good scaling (Huge black border around picture).
I tested same converter with Windows 10 and everything is working great.

So if anyone have any experience, please share your opinion.

try arandr . should be installed

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