Video card change/upgrade from nvidia to radeon

Manjaro (of course) xfce current with nvidia 650Ti. I'm getting a MSI radeon 570 with 8gb.

How should I upgrade/change?

  • should I just remove the old card and plug in the new card? then go into the hardware with manjaro settings manager > hardware. Will I get into X?
  • should just download manjaro 18.0.1 and do a fresh install?

Is there a better/recommended way?

I already have all my data backed up



in manjaro settings manager, remove the nvidia - driver.
Check in /etc/X11/ for remaining xorg.conf files or files in xorg.conf.d that are related to GPU and remove the GPU configs.
Install kernel 4.19 (or later if available)

Shut down, remove the nvidia card, install the AMD card and boot. The AMD drivers are included in the Kernel and everything should work fine.
In manjaro settings manager you can install the video-linux package for Vulkan and some more nice to have packages.

  1. Thanks
  2. Such as?


Hardware video-decoding, optimal xorg driver.

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