Video tearing on even basic videos


Running Manjaro, on a Thinkpad T440 with Intel i5 4300u and 8gb of RAM.

The machine is running great - fast with no problems at all, except that when I watch video and sometimes when I scroll on a web browser i get tearing and lines appearing when scrolling etc.

I tried to do the 'uncheck acceleration' on multiple browsers but still have the same problem.

I'm not trying to do anything fancy, just watch some simple youtube videos and maybe some live streaming from free-to-air live services online (iplayer etc).

Any help is appreciated.

Please use the forum search function.

I did but I didn't feel any of the threads were relevant to me as I read elsewhere that the machine you use could change whether you need certain drivers etc.
Sorry if mistaken.


I tried the Option "AccelMethod" "sna" edit to the config and now it's tear-free. Can someone delete this pointless thread please ?

What are basic videos and why do you think they are different from other videos?

Oh c'mon @DeMus dont be pedantic.

@zaqwsx can you please post system info :
inxi -Fxz
(remember to use </>code button to enclose the output)

This was a serious question. I just would like to know why the OP thinks there is a different between videos? And if so, what are those differences?

OK fair enough.
I took the query as 'I'm not even watching 4k or anything, just normal anywhere flash/html5 360p videos"

Probably, but let the OP explain that.

As the OP has yet to even post his specs here is general info for him from the Archwiki.

Nvidia troubleshooting - Avoid screen tearing:

Without specs - we have to guess

...this is yours?

you have intel graphics, see here

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