vim1 pro, manjaro xfce 20.04 first boot from SD card issue

my board has debian buster installed in its emmc, and its uboot is ok for booting other (khadas official ubuntu) distros from SDCARD
but when I flash xfce vim1 image on a sdcard I insert into the board and cold boot, then I never manage to boot the sd distro.
please notice I did not connect any hdmi display, but only a serial console cable from where I observe the board's boot behaviour.
Is anyone else able tell how they manage to boot arm manjaro xfce 20.04 on their VIM1 ?

Hello and welcome to the forum,

For you to run manjaro on sd card for will need Android on emmc

As currently we're using Android's uboot to load Manjaro from sd card or usb stick.
Flash latest android to emmc using Burning tool and not krescue.

Then try to boot manjaro over sd card.
Try and let me know.

Thanks for taking interest in Manjaro.

thank you.
I will stop here for now.

hi, may we open a new thread to discuss about your test 20.08 + mainline uboot distro you made me test a few day ago in the other forum ?

You can continue here.
As it your thread.

I hope everything is fine with the mainline test image...

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