Virtual Box; Host: Windows 10 Guest: Manjaro 18

Dear Manjaros,

I'm running several linux distros inside a virtual box on a computer running Windows10 as it's main OS.

With Debian/Ubuntu - based distros I managed to set up a shared folder pretty easily, but with Manjaro I'm struggling a bit. I followed this guide

-> [HowTo] VirtualBox - Installation, USB, Shared folders

but somehow it still won't work. I can see the folder in the guest system, but the files won't show up on the host and vice versa.
On the host I set up a shared folder (path, auto-mount, permanent; as for mount point: I left this blank at first, but tried it with a specific mount point as well), on the guest I followed the guide by @linux-aarhus

The only difference I can spot (compared to my other guest systems) is that the VBoxGuestAdditions.iso is not mounted for Manjaro, while for all the other guests it is (and I also don't know how to do it in Manjaro; maybe it's not necessary?).

Any ideas?

Thanks so far


We cannot help you solve issues with a Windows Host and why the files does not show up.

On Manjaro always install VirtualBox specifics (guest-modules and guest-utils) using the package manager.

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Just to be sure (English is not my first language); are you saying right now, there is no solution to this problem, or are you saying I'm probably doing something wrong?

Thanks again (:

Reality is - I don't know - I have never done troubleshooting on a Windows based VirtualBox host.

If the VirtualBox way of sharing folders to a Manjaro guest does show the share in the guest but the files do not appear on the host - I really have no idea.

As you describe it you can make the shared folder visible in the Manjaro guest, so obviously something is working.

As you describe it your real issues not whether you can share a folder or not - but more an issue of why the files created in the guest does not appear on the host.

I am sorry I cannot be of further assistance.

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