Virtualbox has host modules for kernel 310 instead of a current running kernel

Pretty much as the title says. I've installed host module for my kernel by hand as well as removed newly installed 310 kernel and its host module but it should be fixed.

There are host module packages for each kernel in the Manjaro repositories. You should select the one that applies to your running kernel.

There is no host modules included in Virtualbox package itself, just a dependency on a kernel specific host modules package.

So I'd be interested in where you got the 310 host modules, unless it was left over from a prior release, or perhaps you didn't use Manjaro packages in the first place?

I came to Manjaro when 440 was a thing so no, i had no previous 310 installed hence the packaging(maybe) bug.

I chose to install virtualbox and virtualbox-guest-iso packages it installed linux310 and linux310-virtualbox-host-modules as well, so i had to manually install linux44-virtualbox-host-modules and remove 310 related packages.

Manjaro should install only the ones for current kernel or all installed kernels(probably a preferable userfriendly way). Current behaviour can be considered a bug.

There is no dependencies for linux310 in either virtualbox or virtualbox-guest-iso packages. But linux310-virtualbox-host-modules does depend on linux310.

So I'm guessing some accidental install of linux310-virtualbox-host-modules (or olinux310-virtualbox-GUEST-modules) occurred. Either of those have a dependency on linux310.

If this was a packaging error it would have been noticed by a LOT of people, myself included.

Not casting any blame, mind you.... :wink:

the problem is that. when you install virtualbox you have to choose the correct modules for your kernel.
otherwise if you don't explicitly install them, pacman will choose the 1st package that provide VIRTUALBOX-HOST_MODULES and it will be choosed by alphabetical order. and it's linux310-virtualbox-host-modules and as linux310-virtualbox-host-modules depend on linux310 it will install the kernel.
it's a side effect of manjaro with all the possible kernel.

manjaro kernel installation (mhwd-kernel or manjaro-settings-manager) take care to install all extra modules that are already installed for the current running kernel (network drivers, virtual box modules, etc). but there is not mechanics for the opposite way. when you install a software that need a kernel module and it's not already install... pacman will take the module for linux310 and then the kernel too.

Then such mechanics should be created. I mean the devil is in the details, fixing little things like this will help alot. Manjaro can be better than other distros or simply different. This is an issue and can be resolved either by coding pacman to behave in a sensible way(i mean really, alphabetical order?) or creating a script so that each time pacman installs a package that depends on some kernel modules it would choose it for the one you're running now.

When you install virtualbox host modules, pacman will ask what kernel you want it installed for.

Pamac however does not ask, as far as I know, so it will install the first in the list, which is linux310.

Another case with a similar issue (kernel 3.10 got installed when trying to install VirtualBox)

But even Pamac gives you a list of proposed changes to approve....

True, you can see it will install the kernel310 one, but you can't change it, before it installs it.

But you can cancel when you see a new kernel is being installed out of the blue...

I guess you ment virtualbox, that pacman will show and ask which package to install for the host module as there is more than one that solve the dependency.

yes. and octopi has the same behavior. it would be nice it does something like as for the optional dependencies.[quote="jsamyth, post:9, topic:14168, full:true"]
But even Pamac gives you a list of proposed changes to approve....

it's kind of like as EULA, users tend to click OK without reading and understanding what's involved. :wink:

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KDE user here. I was using Octopi. I though Octopi is a pacman frontend, so it lacks features?

No, it didn't ask. Once i chose virtualbox packages and press install button it showed that 310 packages are going to install without any choice given.

octopi show you what will be installed and ask you if you agree. it laks the possibility to choose one or more package when multiple package solve a dependency.

Yeah, it has the same "flaws" that Pamac has.

the same behavior as pamac. to just show which dependency it choose (linux310-virtualbox-host-modules, linux310) and ask you if you agree or want to cancel.

If you press "No" it won't install anything. I just tried with pacman and it does give a choice, its not automatic unfortunately but atleast a choice that Octopi doesn't give.


is there something you don't understand???
I said octopi has the same behavior as pamac (NOT PACMAN).. that no it don't let you choose which package to install for the module. but show you which package was choosed (by you and octopi to solve all dependencies of the package you choose) and ask you if you agree or want to abort. I ever add that it would be nice it could have the same fonctionality it have for the optional dependency (check box)

Thats what i say, we need it.

Exactly. And that's the way you want it.
So you go back and make the right selection, and then run the install again.
I don't see the problem here.

I ALWAYS read through the list of proposed changes. ALWAYS.

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