Virtualbox Kernel Driver not Installed?

I just installed virtualbox and several associated packages with it, but when I try and boot an Ubuntu VM, I get a kernel error message.

Running the command as root doesn't seem to help either:

root@MidnightStarSign:/home/sarah# /sbin/vboxconfig
bash: /sbin/vboxconfig: No such file or directory

Here are the installed packages (I wasn't sure which package to install, so I just installed all of the ones that matched the virtualbox version number (6.1.10-1):


System:    Host: MidnightStarSign Kernel: 5.8.0-1-MANJARO x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: N/A 
           Desktop: KDE Plasma 5.19.3 Distro: Manjaro Linux 
Machine:   Type: Desktop Mobo: ASUSTeK model: PRIME X570-PRO v: Rev X.0x serial: <root required> 
           UEFI: American Megatrends v: 1407 date: 04/02/2020 
CPU:       Topology: 6-Core model: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 bits: 64 type: MT MCP arch: Zen L2 cache: 3072 KiB 
           flags: avx avx2 lm nx pae sse sse2 sse3 sse4_1 sse4_2 sse4a ssse3 svm bogomips: 86279 
           Speed: 4084 MHz min/max: 2200/3600 MHz Core speeds (MHz): 1: 4084 2: 4081 3: 3973 4: 2045 
           5: 2566 6: 2701 7: 3704 8: 2045 9: 4077 10: 4082 11: 2379 12: 2164 
Graphics:  Device-1: AMD Navi 10 [Radeon RX 5600 OEM/5600 XT / 5700/5700 XT] vendor: ASRock driver: amdgpu 
           v: kernel bus ID: 0a:00.0 
           Display: x11 server: X.Org 1.20.8 driver: amdgpu FAILED: ati unloaded: modesetting,radeon 
           resolution: 1920x1080~60Hz, 1920x1080~60Hz, 1920x1080~75Hz 
           OpenGL: renderer: AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT (NAVI10 DRM 3.38.0 5.8.0-1-MANJARO LLVM 10.0.0) 
           v: 4.6 Mesa 20.1.3 direct render: Yes 
Audio:     Device-1: AMD Navi 10 HDMI Audio driver: snd_hda_intel v: kernel bus ID: 0a:00.1 
           Device-2: AMD Starship/Matisse HD Audio vendor: ASUSTeK driver: snd_hda_intel v: kernel 
           bus ID: 0c:00.4 
           Device-3: Jieli USB PHY 2.0 type: USB driver: snd-usb-audio,uvcvideo bus ID: 1-1:9 
           Sound Server: ALSA v: k5.8.0-1-MANJARO 
Network:   Device-1: Intel I211 Gigabit Network vendor: ASUSTeK driver: igb v: 5.6.0-k port: f000 
           bus ID: 04:00.0 
           IF: enp4s0 state: up speed: 1000 Mbps duplex: full mac: 24:4b:fe:5b:08:2a 
Drives:    Local Storage: total: 3.66 TiB used: 1.44 TiB (39.2%) 
           ID-1: /dev/nvme0n1 vendor: Western Digital model: WDS100T2B0C-00PXH0 size: 931.51 GiB 
           ID-2: /dev/sda vendor: Seagate model: ST2000LM015-2E8174 size: 1.82 TiB 
           ID-3: /dev/sdb vendor: Toshiba model: MQ01ABD100 size: 931.51 GiB 
           ID-4: /dev/sdc type: USB vendor: SanDisk model: Gaming Xbox 360 size: 7.48 GiB 
           ID-5: /dev/sdd type: USB vendor: Toshiba model: TransMemory size: 14.92 GiB 
Partition: ID-1: / size: 767.00 GiB used: 382.73 GiB (49.9%) fs: btrfs dev: /dev/dm-0 
           ID-2: /home size: 767.00 GiB used: 382.73 GiB (49.9%) fs: btrfs dev: /dev/dm-0 
           ID-3: swap-1 size: 64.00 GiB used: 299.2 MiB (0.5%) fs: swap dev: /dev/dm-1 
Sensors:   System Temperatures: cpu: 73.0 C mobo: N/A gpu: amdgpu temp: 54 C 
           Fan Speeds (RPM): N/A gpu: amdgpu fan: 0 
Info:      Processes: 555 Uptime: 3h 58m Memory: 31.33 GiB used: 19.01 GiB (60.7%) Init: systemd Compilers: 
           gcc: 10.1.0 Shell: bash v: 5.0.18 inxi: 3.0.37

How can I install the kernel driver?

Search for:
VIRTUALBOX-HOST-MODULES and select the right one for our kernel

It seams "Kernel: 5.8.0-1-MANJARO x86_64" does not have have a package "virtualbox-host-modules" yet.
It`s experimental.
You must use kernel linux57 for now.

Just an FYI, you should not have both guest and host packages installed. All you need are the host modules. The guest modules are for the VM itself. The Guest Additions and Extension Pack are optional.

I switched to using kernel 5.7.9-1 and installed these modules:
but I still have the same problem :slight_smile:

Does it need a reboot?

Try these packages from svn.

aur/virtualbox-svn and aur/virtualbox-host-dkms-svn

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