VirtualBox problem in Windows 10 installation

Hi guys,

I firstly installed Virtualbox on my system using this guide:

Then i had my WIn10.iso downloaded straight from the microsoft site.

Then i setup/configured the machine (Virtualbox) to install the os.

Finally, installation procedure doesn't even start cause i get stuck in this shell screen:

Has anyone experienced the same issue?
Any help appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Are you sure the ISO is good?

Can you open and read it under Linux?

I'll try to download it again..
then post my results.

Also keep in mind that Windows not booting is more of a Windows issue than a Manjaro issue.

Ok guys,

Problem solved..

The .iso that i downloaded seemed to be "broken".. probably due to the bad internet connection that i had or some other issue.
I re-downloaded the .iso and went through the installation process as it should be..

Although the system isn't as fast as i expected to play games :laughing: .. but i had to do it to get it out of me and try this alternative!

Thanks for the replies!

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