Virtualbox shared folders bug?

On my windows 10 host file system, I have a directory called c:\working. I've set up my 'Documents' folder to point to this folder (don't think this is relevant but maybe...)

With the virtualbox manager, and my manjaro guest vm configs, I create a shared folder for 'Documents' and the tool drops in a folder location of 'c:\working' with a folder name of 'working.' Within the manjaro guest vm I can see and fully use the sf_working shared folder fine.

However, I have dropbox installed on the windows10 host under c:\working\Dropbox and when I try to add a shared folder to the manjaro guest vm at location c:\working\Dropbox\dev and folder named 'dev,' the manjaro guest vm can not load/see this folder.

This behavior does not happen in my Xubuntu guest image. Oob Xubuntu seems to have fully configured guest additions for virtualbox - I didn't have to do any command line configs and it fully recognizes any shared folders I create with the management tool on the host (so I've tested with multiple shared folders, all work fine and are usable in the guest Xubuntu vm).

Thx for any suggested remedies.

How are you mounting the directories under linux?

Can you try this, open two terminals, in the first run:

journalctl -f

In the second run:

mkdir ~/test
sudo mount -t vboxsf dev ~/test -o uid=$UID,gid=$UID

Does that work, does the directory get mounted under test? If it doesn't, was anything interested displayed in the first terminal? Like an error?

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