Virtualbox starting in very tiny: 24x80

Manjaro current.

I just installed vbox according to the wiki:, including virtualbox-ext-oracle.

Here's what it looks like:

  1. How do I make the vbox screen larger?
  2. A "good" link/wiki on how to set virtualbox?


Have you installed the guest additions?

There is no guest OS to install those guest additions. : )

Try installing a virtual machine.

I thought that I did by installing: virtualbox-ext-oracle.

What do I need to install?

  1. virtualbox-guest-iso AND/OR
  2. virtualbox-guest-utils AND virtualbox-guest-utils-nox


I have. I have installed FreeBSD 12.1 without X.

This was a screen grab during the install. After the install's finished it staid the same size, it still stays 24x80. I've tried increasing the display size to 150%, it's still 24 rows by 80 columns but from 8pt to 12pt.


In this case you will have to install guest utilities from the bsd repos if there are any.
However, you actually don't have to do this anyway as you can start the vm in headless mode and ssh to it.

Use the View menu -> Virtual Screen 1 -> Resize



Thank you guys

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